Youth Exchange – Bullying from virtual to real and back

27.02-07.03.2020, 40 participants from 6 different countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Macedonia, Poland, Italy and Bulgaria) attended to the youth exchange project „Bullying from virtual to real and back“ which took place in Busteni, Romania.

The aim of the project was to raise the young peope’s knowledge of bullying situations in other countries, to raise the education level of respect and anti-hate speech and to make young people more responsible for their social networks usage through different helpful and guiding activities.

In the project, participants had many opportunities to attend in workshops which culminated with team work – making forum theatre, videos and publishing media.  Though the topic was very strong and touching, participants managed to get the  knowledge of bullying situation thanks to different  views, opinions and experiences.  For example, we learned that  in Estonia, the prevention and intervention work acts against virtual bullying are more strong than in other countries.

Project was funded from Erasmus+ program and organized by Asociatia Oden Nehoiu from Romania.  NEA MTÜ was a partner organisation from Estonia and offered the opportunity and support to 5 young people to participate.

Check out the videos created during the project:  

Inside Out  – While participating in a Erasmus+ project about bullying in Romania, Busteni, we got to learn more about the awareness, the types of and the impact of bullying on us and others. This video represents how real life situations/bullying can feel mentally and what are the consequences of it.


Sebi cyberbullied

Check out the magazine created by the project participants. 


27.02-07.03.2020 osales 40 noort 6 erinevast riigist noortevahetusprojektis „Bullying from virtual to real and back“, mis toimus Busteni linnas Rumeenias.

Projekti eesmärgiks oli tõsta noorte teadlikkust virtuaalkiusamisest, ennetustööst ja teadlikumast käitumisest sotsiaalmeedias. Läbi mitteformaalse õppemetoodika toimusid mitmed töötoad, et noori suunata ja üheskoos teadlikkust tõsta: foorumteater, videomontaaž, maailmakohvik, intervjuud…  Osalejad said erinevaid teadmisi,  mida ka teistele noortele edasi anda. Sotsiaalmeedia keskkonnas laimamine ja viha õhutamine on kahjuks veel tõusuteel ning seda saab varakult ennetada!

Uuri lähemalt projekti kohta osalejate loodud projektiajakirjast!


Youth exchange – Education in Diversity and Vice Versa

10-18 of December 2019, 30 participants from 5 countries – Estonia, Spain, Lithuania, Slovenia, Ukrain came togeather for a Youth Exchange called – “Education in Diversity and Vice Versa”, which took a place in a beautiful country of Spain – Cordoba.

Spanish coordination organisation “Asociation Juvenil Almenaras”, together with professional and dynamic agents of Federación Andaluza Arco Iris LGBTI+ and Asociación Arco Iris LGBTI+ Córdoba, put the Erasmus+ project in order to increase the awarness of people from different countries of Europe, in a topic of diversity in LGBT community.

The aim of the project was to approach the LGBTI+ collective issues to youngsters, to get it closer to the educational system.
Through this project, participants got an experience about how to do LGBTI+ activism in educational centres, developing competences in inclusion, empathy and youthwork, got tools that Federación Andaluza Arco Iris LGBTI+ has created and learned how to approach inclusion to educational environments. Also, participants learned about the LGBTI+ collective as a transversal topic in the society, taking in account that the sexual-affective identity and gender identity are just some parts of who we are.


Youth exchange – Act Now: Stop Hate Speech Now!

 In the first week of November (1-9 November 2019), 42 participants from six countries across Europe: Romania, Latvia, Republic of North Macedonia, Malta, Turkey and Estonia, came together for a Youth exchange ‘Act Now: Stop Hate Speech Now!’ in Sinaia, Romania. The Erasmus+ project put together by the Romanian youth organization ACT O’CLOCK continues to reduce the use of hate speech by spreading awareness on the subject.

“Hate speech covers many forms of expressions which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred, violence and discrimination against a person or group of persons for a variety of reasons.” (Council of Europe, 2019.)

Widely spread misconceptions about the connection of freedom of speech and hate speech remain a major factor in keeping countries from creating anti-hate speech laws. The complaints vary from the vagueness of the laws to the refusal to accept any laws limiting free speech.

On the 4th day of the Erasmus+ mobility, the participants decided to create a flash mob. Split into 4 groups, the flash mob group started to plan out their performance. After discussing between themselves what to do, they settled on a performance based on love, using the songs “Imagine” by John Lennon and “Where is the love” by The Black Eyed Peas. This was to pass on a message to the local community about love and acceptance.

Throughout the week some of the participants had the opportunity to lead workshops which examined different aspects of hate speech. Towards the end of the project, the city manager of Sinaia, Marian-Valerie Panait visited the venue as well, to discuss the topic and answer questions regarding hate speech in Europe. The session analysed various forms of hate speech, and how to tackle them in our societies.

Noortevahetusprojekt “Act Now: Stop Hate Speech Now!” toimus Erasmus+ programmi raames. Projekti rahastas Rumeenia National Agency. Projektis osales kuus noor Eestist vanuses 18-30 aastat.  NEA MTÜ oli partnerorganisatsioon Eestist.